Which Area of Law Should You Study?

As any law student would know, the legal world has countless different subcategories in it. From criminal defense law to DWI law, there are tons of different specialties that you can pursue if you’re a law student. Some attorneys specialize in estate planning, while other focus on family law cases. A commodities lawyer will have a very different daily routine than a divorce lawyer. So, how do you decide which area of law to go into? in this informative video, we’ll take a quick glance into several areas of law and discuss how you should find your specialty.

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First, it’s crucial to carefully consider all of your options. Explore cases of all types and magnitudes. Which ones are you feeling most drawn to? Who are the core people that you wish to defend? What causes and situations are you the most passionate about? Choose a specialty not just because it interests you, but choose one that you have a heart for. You want to be able to flourish in your area of law, not simply practice it to earn a paycheck. Look into the classes and requirements for this specific area of law. Do you have the drive to pursue it? How long until you can practice? Ask yourself all of these important questions.


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