Understanding What an Estates Lawyer Does

Estate lawyers have important jobs and are vital for their work with consumers who want to help plan their estate once they pass away. Assets and properties need to be managed by an estates lawyer who determines what happens when that person dies. They help their clients determine an executor of the property first, and how the assets will be divided up at that time.

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For standard wills, this means that the estate will go through probate, and an estates lawyer will oversee this process when this happens.

Some clients opt for different trusts, such as a living trust, that helps move those assets straight over to the executor that is named. In situations where the named executor passes away before the estate is transferred over, an estates lawyer is essential to help get a new executor named and protect the property and assets that are going through the legal process. Attempting to navigate this process without legal counsel can be overwhelming, and that is why an estates lawyer is required for this process. Being able to have assets managed so that their spouse, then children, or next members of kin can easily take over the trust and start managing the property and accounts right away.

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